TreadnBreakfast is proud to offer dog specific treadmills for rent, rent-to-own, lease and purchase. Not sure if a treadmill is right for your dog ? Rent one ! We offer treadmill training and attendants for hire to help guide you to satisfactory results. Delivery and pickup available. Our treadmills are state of the art, designed specifically for dogs, not for people, offer a safer solution for exercise and rehab for your dog. Treadmill rental offers a financially prudent option for new users, allows the time to test & determine whether your dog is suited for treading. Allows your pet to learn & experience treading on a custom designed platform in the comfort of his or her own home or lodging, if traveling. Customer may decide, after a specified period of time, to retain or return the equipmennt, different plans available. Treadmill trainers and attendants are available to assist. It is recommended that you consult with your vet before treadmill training. We at TreadnBreakfast will be delighted to get your pet treading because exercise means a longer life for your dog. And because Astro’s treadmill¬† Jetson’s 1960′s) is no longer just science fiction.

TreadnBreakfast is an authorized Dealer for Dog Tread professional dog treadmills

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